May 12, 2010

Some updates!

This has been an incredibly busy last while for me.  While working at MRU I have been hanging shows and getting things ready to go for a partnership with the Civic Arts and getting tags made and inventory done for all our art.  I also have been working hard at Steeling Home, my cards did very very well this Mother's Day.  Next year I plan to do a specific card for the date, as it seems like people respond to that more than the cards that could be used for anything.  Amazing, this is one of the few cases where specialization really helps. 

I have been really enjoying silkscreening my journals, and my kittens have even been pitching in.  Things were so busy that little Kouki was all tuckered out when I snapped this photo.  I have also been taking a class on Typography from ACAD and trying to keep my house clean.  Needless to say - I have been a busy bee.  But in my world, busy is good!  Especially when I still have enough time to hit the gym.

New journals are on their way, I have the Yudu workin hard!

Love and Kisses,