February 1, 2012

Something old and new!

My goodness friends, it has been so long since I have had a moment or three to write in here and update a few things.  I have really been working my little butt off - not that it should come as any suprise to those who know me well.
This semester has been a bit of a struggle for me so far.  I am not feeling as engaged or excited about being in the program as I was a mere month ago.  But I am keeping my mind open and hoping that things turn around.
I have also been spending as much time as possible making sure to get my body moving!  Yoga, fitness classes, you name it, I am trying it out.  I even take my gym shoes with me everywhere - and I do feel better for it.
I have not really had any time to make art the last while.  I am thinking that perhaps I should be spending some time on that this weekend - as I am needing to recharge!

In the mean time - this is that lovely jackelope that I was working on before - allllll done!

It will be heading to its home very soon, I finally got it all sprayed and everything - the eyes were glossed as well.  I love it! 

Time for me to go to sleep - I will post again hopefully this weekend!