July 31, 2010

A new idea

Hello again friends,
Last year, I bought some incredibly gorgeous pins from Studio Todorovic and I simply couldn't bear to wear them, I did not want to damage or lose them.  So I decided to put them up on my wall in a very special way.  I took an old embroidery hoop and a lace doily that I found at a thrift shop, put it all together, and I ended up with this!  I am quite pleased with the results

Also, you should check out the artist who made these pins.  She can be found on etsy (of course!) and is a really interesting mixed media artist.  I dig it.  Sarah Ogren (sarahogren.etsy.com)
Thats all for today! 
exes and ohhhs

July 29, 2010

My first Tutorial....its book making time babies!

I was recently inspired while in Invermere at Black Star Studios (run by three wonderful ladies) to make books using my old offcuts from printmaking.  I have a love of paper.  Expensive paper.  I printed everything on BFK Reeves, in a beautiful buttercream colour.  But I could not bring myself to throw out the scraps that were left afterwards.  So I saved them, knowing I would some day use them.  That day is here.  I am making journals and sketchbooks with this beautiful, fluffy, torn-edged paper I love so much.  In the spirit of sharing, I have put together a tutorial.  I am by no means an expert, some professional bookbinders would be aghast at the lack of precision in my work....but hey - its handmade!
Well, here we go, today is part one!

July 17, 2010

Decisions decisions....

I have a comission - it is for a guestbook for a wedding.  Although it is using one of my designs that I have already - boy it is still a lot of pressure!  Which of these orientations look better?  I just can't decide.