December 24, 2011

Happy Holidays!

It has been an absolute, full out, sprint to the finish line trying to get ready for the holidays this year.  I am truly blessed to have my family and friends around me, and I really wanted my house to look nice when I saw them.  We had a fabulous holiday party here just this past Wednesday, featuring my main squeeze Bruce Willis.  Die Hard is easily my favorite holiday time movie, so it was great fun!  However, I am certain that you are not here to read about my festivities thus far - thrilling though it might be.  I also found the time to create a gift for all of my family, friends, and loved ones this year.  A three-layer, limited edition screen print that I went back into and hand coloured.  I have also had a request to create a new piece, so I have progress photos to show for that too!  In an attempt to not spoil the surprise for those who would like to wait until they get their screen prints, I am going to post that at the very end.  SPOILER ALERT - you have been warned!
 This guy is still a work in progress, but I was asked by a friend to draw a jackalope - and this is what I have so far.  Sorry about the photo, the light was not great this morning, so I had to punch up the exposure to really show what it looked like.  I will most certainly post more as work on the piece as it progresses.  I am also debating starting a series of "Slightly Mystical Beasts" if you have any suggestions for weird jackalope style creatures I might like to draw! 

Okay, so - here is the print.  I am going to put it farther down so that if you really want it to be a suprise you can.  As I said before, it is a three-layer screen print of an original illustration.  I hand pulled each of these babies, and went into each of the prints and did some hand colouring.  It was created on a really neat acid-free sketch paper that was completely recycled.  I would love to hear your feedback....

"cat feet", 2011
Jen Dunne
Limited Edition Screen Print
Happy Holidays!

December 10, 2011

Falcons and Feathers, Oh My!

Hello My Darlings!

Yet another long absence on my part.  School really took it out of me this past semester.  But!  I am done for the term, so it is time to get a few things done that I had been putting off.  Well, more than a few things...mostly art related!

I think that I posted about creating these pieces this past summer, but today, after a visit to Ikea to get the worlds fattest tree (pics to come,) I was able to get frames for these badboys!

Wild Turkey 01
Wild Turkey 02

Wild Turkey 03
The Wild Turkey's
I also put some time into creating a new piece of work over the past few days.  It is finally complete....and did I mention that it comes framed?  Well, it does!

This is a Merlin or a Pigeon Hawk, graphite and gouache on baltic birch.
It measures 9x12
I titled it "The Falcon for a Lady" as that is what The Book of St. Albans called the Merlin.

Let me know what you think!
As always, the piece are available at my etsy store - Turn of Phrase