February 28, 2010

Bah, Foiled Again!

I should change this blog to say "every other day" or "a few times a week" as it seems as though I am completely terrible at blogging every day.  However, I do have something kind of neat to share! 

I have been involved with a gallery called Resolution in Kensington (top floor of eleven:eleven) since last year.  This coming March, starting on the 4th I believe, they are doing a silent auction as a benefit for the Red Cross to help with relief for the Haiti disaster.  I donated a piece that will be up for sale, all money raised goes right to charity - so you are helping a good cause.  Thirty artists participated, so there is bound to be something that you like there!  Go place your bids! 

The opening reception will be held on March 12th with wine and cheese (ooh lala!) from 2pm-10pm.  I will stop by to mingle, and I hope that you will as well!
Resolution Gallery
233 10 ST NW
2nd Level, in Kensington

Gallery Hours:
Mon - Wed   10-7
Thurs - Sat   10-9
Sunday   11-6
Love and Kisses,

February 24, 2010

so many things, so little time!

Life seems to get away from me rather easily, we have been living in our new home for 2 weeks now, and although the main rooms are looking quite comfortable, my studio is still in shambles.  It is amazing that I have been able to produce what I have without it!  Howerver, I will be (hopefully) persuading my lovely mate to get out his power drill and get things sorted for me so that I can get back into production mode!

Aside from the waiting for my studio to get set up, I have been doing some work fussing with antiques (which was really fun) and generally enjoying myself.  Today we went to Studio Todorovic and they took some of my cards for sale!  It feels so wonderful to finally be a part of Art Central, even in a small way.  Ooooh lala!

While there, I am sure that you can appreciate just how hard it is to not spend all of my money.  This piece however, Ryan fell in love with, and it is so rare that he appreciates art, that we just had to get it!

A not so beautiful closeup of the work.  For those who are interested This is an etching with a beautiful emboss, called Smithy Stuff II V.E.  by Trudy Kungold Ammann.  Check out Studio Todorovic at Art Central for more of her work and other work like it!

Finally, I was just testing the waters, but I am curious.  Ryan and I are now living on our own and thus paying bills is expensive.  In trying to avoid getting yet another job, I am curious if anyone might be interested in comissioning a small piece of art from me.  Either a drawing or a print.  I recently discovered a box of old books from when I used to make journals, and the pages are practically calling out to me to be drawn all over.  Just a thought, I would ensure that they were affordable, but who knows, it might be fun!  Either way, I might draw all over them

Loves and Kisses,

February 21, 2010

afternoon kisses

afternoon kisses... 
Graphite on Wood, 2010

This was a piece comissioned by a wonderful friend Sheila, that took me a few weeks to get done, but it all came together the past few days.  I really like the way that it came out, it is busy but effective because it suits (in my mind anyways) that barnyard folk style.  Hope you love it Sheila!

February 20, 2010

and so it begins, again

Well dear reader, I yet again managed to miss a day. However, I am back, and in penance for my sins I have two new things to share

Those of you who know me, know just how much I adore letterpress. I recently wrote a grant application to go to the Banff Center for the arts for 3 weeks to learn to use one - which would be a dream come true. I will find out about the status of my grant in a few months, they sure make you wait for it! If all goes well, come September I will be in Banff printing my little heart out. For now, I can just obsess about it and spend my time on etsy looking at beautiful letterpress prints. This one, from sycamorestreetpress is my latest obsession. 


Letterpress Lull Print by Chelsea Taylor. Limited Edition. 8x10. December '09.
I think it is an absolutely perfect example of just how to use the letterpress to your very best advantage, I hope to be purchasing this one soon myself.  I also absolutely adore the way in which they have their artists sign and edition their work.  It is whimsical but pays a real tribute to printmaking.  
 I am battling with a bit of exhaustion at the moment, and so I thought that I would finish this post with a photograph from my new home, and a beautiful teapot from my sister that never ever spills!
Loves and Kisses,

February 18, 2010

Welcome Back!

It is lovely to be back.
I hope to show you, dear reader, something unique, beautiful and maybe even inspiring every day.  I spend more time than I should on etsy, making art, designing cards, and surrounding myself in beauty.  Today, to apologize for my absence, I have three to share with you.

Untitled, Graphite on Wood, 2010

I think this illustrates quite well the direction that I am heading in, abstract wallpaper designs juxtaposed with quirky antique illustrations.  In the future I do hope to post some works in progress (I have a very special comission link that I am working on right now!)
Turn of Phrase, 2010
Turn of Phrase recently participated in a wonderful event called Market Collective: Love Edition on February 13 & 14, 2010.  I was able to debut some wonderful new notecards and moleskine journals.  I met many amazing people and had a truly inspiring time.  It was wonderful to be surrounded by such creative and talented artists, musicians and collectors.  Thanks to everyone for such a wonderful time!
Finally, I am so excited to tell you that I am embarking on a new part of my life with my wonderful partner and two baby kittens (who are not really babies anymore!) I have moved into a wonderful townhouse and I am nesting like crazy.  The first to be decorated was the mantle on my very own fireplace, I am so happy to be home.
Loves and Kisses,