February 20, 2010

and so it begins, again

Well dear reader, I yet again managed to miss a day. However, I am back, and in penance for my sins I have two new things to share

Those of you who know me, know just how much I adore letterpress. I recently wrote a grant application to go to the Banff Center for the arts for 3 weeks to learn to use one - which would be a dream come true. I will find out about the status of my grant in a few months, they sure make you wait for it! If all goes well, come September I will be in Banff printing my little heart out. For now, I can just obsess about it and spend my time on etsy looking at beautiful letterpress prints. This one, from sycamorestreetpress is my latest obsession. 


Letterpress Lull Print by Chelsea Taylor. Limited Edition. 8x10. December '09.
I think it is an absolutely perfect example of just how to use the letterpress to your very best advantage, I hope to be purchasing this one soon myself.  I also absolutely adore the way in which they have their artists sign and edition their work.  It is whimsical but pays a real tribute to printmaking.  
 I am battling with a bit of exhaustion at the moment, and so I thought that I would finish this post with a photograph from my new home, and a beautiful teapot from my sister that never ever spills!
Loves and Kisses,

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