October 29, 2011

October 25, 2011

Whats been happening??

I have been consumed in the land of school work and other such excitement - currently working through my first 2 weeks of field experience and loving every minute of it.  It has, however, devoured all of my art time.  
This guy has been in the works for a bit - and I am playing with a title for it that revolves around the idea of a Phase of Parliament (you know how I love a play on words)

It is totally not done yet, I am going to go in and start painting some doileys and see what happens to the piece.  Any feedback my friends?

October 8, 2011

Brand new

Hello my friends!
I know, it has been bloody forever.  I have been an incredibly busy girl! Without a whole lot to show for it either.  But hey, thats ok.  I have a few new things to report.
I am back in school and oh boy do I ever love it!  Learning about teaching and learning has been an incredible amount of work, but it has also been one of the very best times of my life.  It really feels like I am in the right place.
In other news, gearing up for this Christmas season with Abigail Gingerale and taking little snippits of time to make art when I can.  In Jen Art News, I hung a few pieces (some old and some new) at my favorite wine shop in Calgary, Wine Ink.  I love to go and see them whenever I can, they are dog friendly, incredibly knowledgeable and they are in the old Megatunes building on 17th Avenue SW.  Oh, and they now have some art of mine hanging there too!

My moose here is brand spanking new!  Well, its a piece that I have been working with for almost a year now, and I think it turned out really well. It is a bit of a fusion between my taxidermy work and my new doily bird work.  Fun times!  Perhaps an inside outside animal series is brewing!
That's all for now!