November 13, 2011

What happens when an artist gets sick of writing papers?

Well, the assignments start to turn out like this:

For this class I was supposed to write a paper 1000-2000 words (or another form of expression) that reflected on my understanding of "learning."  The big quote that stood out for me in our readings was "Learning is expanding the space of the possible." This is my version of that. 

Its an artist book!
Learning is systemic transformation
Learning is non-compressible, sufficient and embodies their histories.
Learning is intertwined and emergent.
Learning is elaborative.  Learning is fixing.
Learning is full of complexity.  Learning is adaptive.
Learning is connecting.

What do you think?  Worth an A?  I certainly hope so.
Also, please excuse the not so great photos - I am without photoshop right now as my computer pooped out.