March 30, 2010

Brand new Banner!

Put together by the wonderful Caitie Derer, you can find her at
She has done all of my banners thus far, and I simply adore them.  We also did Market Collective together, and here we are!  High Fives!

Love and Kisses,

A beautiful new find - and some info on Turn of Phrase

Hello Friends!

I have been quiet lately and trying to catch up with the things I put on hold to work on my lovely deer.  I am thinking of calling that piece Oh Deary Me - too cheesey?  I am in a cheese kind of a mood right now.

In other news, I finished one journal comission, which was wonderful.  I also finally got my sewing themed cards up on Etsy.  I specifically designed them for the craft marketplace, so hopefully they do really really well!  Any suggestions would be much appreciated.  Go visit right this instant!  Then come back and look what else I have to show you today.
Those of you who know me, know that I normally really dislike abstract work.  However, this piece just jumped right out at me.  I am really really loving it.  It is an original by another talented etsy artist Wallnut
Check out her stuff, I think it is incredibly beautiful.

Thats all for today!
Love and Kisses,

March 26, 2010

Who wants to get me a present....just because!

Wow, is this clock ever beautiful!  It is Canadian, laser cut wood. I am totally smitten.  There are only 88 made.....ever. 

You can find it here... for purchase....but it was spotted by my lovely sister on Kitsune Noir which is a super cool blog. 

That is all for the day, the rain is gently falling and I am going to head to the market.  Who could ask for much more??

Love and Kisses,

March 25, 2010


Wow, this was really exciting to make.  I might still change a few things, or add some more.....we shall see!  It is kind of hard to see, but the wood grain is really incredible on the back trophy mount.
I can't wait to spray it and put it on my mantle.  Up next, either a wolf, a bear or a moose.

These two show a nice closeup of the deers face and the wallpaper design in the background!
More new and exciting things to come!!

Love and Kisses,

March 21, 2010

Update - Work in Progress

Ooooh boy, I finally sat down to work a bit more on my lovely deer.  I am very pleased with the results so far! I have also included a wonderful photo with my sweet kitty cat, just to show the scale.  There are still a few things that I want to fix, but for the most part it is turning out just as I had hoped.  I have to finish the back panel and wallpaper sections as well.  I am very excited!
Did I mention that up next is either a Wolf or a Bear??

Look forward to some photos of this finished piece very soon!
Love and Kisses,

March 17, 2010


Oh my goodness, this has tickled my fancy!  You can find it at L Brand Terrera  on etsy for only $36!

March 13, 2010

twice in one day?

Yes indeed, but I just could not wait to post this.  It is the very begining of my new group of illustrations. I would love to hear what you think!

Love and Kisses,

Saturday night, and I am home alone!

I got all my chores done, so now it is time for me to play! 
Tonight, I am going to start my next art project.  It will be a series of 4 or 5 illustrated pieces of taxidermy.  It will be gross and beautiful, all at the same time.  I will post pictures just as soon as I get the drawing hammered out.  Very exciting stuff!
My little Kouki is curled up next to me, I have the fireplace on, and later I intend to have a bath.  Life is grand.
I also found this on my etsy travels today.  It is so awesome!

 Check out her page, Junker Jane

Love and Kisses,

March 11, 2010

Having a wonderful time!

Life seems to keep being as busy as possible!  I am working quite a lot lately, so that has left me little time for art and other such fun pursuits.  However, I will get back to it this week.  I have sourced some new journals so those are going to be appearing soon with some wonderful new designs and reprints of some of my old ones. 

My birthday/cake themed cards have almost sold themselves out, and so they will be going through a bit of a redesign.  I don't want to make more of exactly the same, that is part of what makes them special!
I have some wonderful art ideas that I will be posting on in the future (including work in progress photos!) including - the kittens in rainboots, a violin, and a set of taxidermy illustrations.  Sound exciting?  It is!

On a parting note, here is a cat playing a banjo.  

Love it as much as I do?  Go buy it here, at Retrowhale's etsy shop!

Love and Kisses

March 5, 2010

Hello Again Friends!

It is a bomby Friday night, and I am just finally getting a moment to rest.  I have been go-go-going for the past while!  I wanted to post with an update about the art auction that I am involved in to benefit Haiti.  It is now happening and you can get a copy of the catalogue by emailing or me at 

My work was put up for auction at only $40, so its a real steal of a deal!  Go place your bids!

Sakura and Kouki want you to support the Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity by bidding on wonderful donated art!
Love and Kisses,