March 21, 2010

Update - Work in Progress

Ooooh boy, I finally sat down to work a bit more on my lovely deer.  I am very pleased with the results so far! I have also included a wonderful photo with my sweet kitty cat, just to show the scale.  There are still a few things that I want to fix, but for the most part it is turning out just as I had hoped.  I have to finish the back panel and wallpaper sections as well.  I am very excited!
Did I mention that up next is either a Wolf or a Bear??

Look forward to some photos of this finished piece very soon!
Love and Kisses,


  1. Friggin' sweet. A lot of people in my family really love these pastoral style art pieces of animals. Deer, wolves, bears, foxes, and the like. Canadian stuff. Loons. Great work, Jen. :D

    -Tall, lanky, crazy Adam.