March 11, 2010

Having a wonderful time!

Life seems to keep being as busy as possible!  I am working quite a lot lately, so that has left me little time for art and other such fun pursuits.  However, I will get back to it this week.  I have sourced some new journals so those are going to be appearing soon with some wonderful new designs and reprints of some of my old ones. 

My birthday/cake themed cards have almost sold themselves out, and so they will be going through a bit of a redesign.  I don't want to make more of exactly the same, that is part of what makes them special!
I have some wonderful art ideas that I will be posting on in the future (including work in progress photos!) including - the kittens in rainboots, a violin, and a set of taxidermy illustrations.  Sound exciting?  It is!

On a parting note, here is a cat playing a banjo.  

Love it as much as I do?  Go buy it here, at Retrowhale's etsy shop!

Love and Kisses

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