April 20, 2010

New journal drawings!

Well, I think that I have most of my drawings for the next set of journals I am printing, all finished!  I previewed the nest and mouse before, and these are the rest of them!

To start, an acorn.  I will hang this image from the top of one of the journals.  In addition to that, I have also decided to do a limited edition of prints of each of these on book pages.  Probably an edition of 10.  I think that they will look pretty cool. 

I love this little ant, but I have no idea if he will be well received - or if he is too....buggy for the kind of art that I am doing.  Hard to say really.  I would love any feedback!

Antlers!  I really like these.  Kim gave me the idea, and I think it worked out really nicely.  I think that the cross hatching will translate really really well into the silk screen format.  Oh how I love printmaking!

What would this set be without a Bee?  This guy wont be hovering so close to the edge of the page, but he will be on the lower right corner, just landing on the page. 

This cougar is the only drawing I am not 100% sure on.  I might go back to the drawing board with him and shorten the bridge of the nose.  I think that is what doesn't look quite right about him.

This image is cut-off because I am going to be only using part of it.  I hope to place this end of the dandilion on the bottom right corner of the page, and have the two flying spores (that is what they are called right??) up in the top right corner.  That way there is lots of space to write your name and such on the journal.

Ahhh the finch.  I love this little guy.  However, I have decided not to give him feeties.  I think that they look strange when they aren't grasping on to a branch.  I wanted to focus just on the bird, so I decided to exclude the branch and the little feets. 

I love this hare.  I saw one sprint across the road on my way home the other day - and I just knew that I had to draw one.  I love how big their ears are, how alert they always look.  They are just SO cute.

This leaf was a real labour of love.  I was just going to scrap it, but after showing it to my lovely sister - she suggested that I finish it.  I REALLY love how it turned out.  I think it will look really wonderful on the front of a small journal. 

And wouldn't you know it, but I saved the best for last (actually the whole thing was just alphabetical, but shhhh, don't tell!)  I love his little hands, they are kind of difficult to see in the drawing, but they are clutching onto a small kernel of something.  And his tail was so fun to draw!

Well that is it for show and tell for me for now.  Next I hope to post a bit more work done on Rammy and some silkscreens of the journals.  I really love cataloguing these works in progress.  I would love to hear what you think along the way!

Love and Kisses,

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