June 7, 2010

Has it truly been so long?

We have had a tumultuous few weeks.  We added a pup to our family only to realize that he couldn't stay.  I printed journals, finished drawings, cleaned and cleaned, worked, slept, and really just set my targets and moved forward.  Sadly, this hasn't left much time for blog updates, or etsy updates....or really anything.  Tomorrow I am working from home and I fully intend to take some time to photograph my new line of journals (Field Notes) and get those badboys up on etsy.  However, I was finally able to finish up this little devil.  I think he looks pretty grand, but he really needs a name.  He has been going by Ramathorn (from Super Troopers) as a nickname, but I am looking for something a bit more.... whimsical.
With his very bestest friend - deer!  I mounted the two on my wall to see how they look together.  So far, I dig it.  I can really see this set of images coming together.  I think it will be a series of five works.  Perhaps it will grow beyond that, but time will tell.
That is all for now,

Love and Kisses,

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