June 23, 2010

More homework!

Tomorrow is my very last Typography class.  It has been interesting.  I am not really sure just how much I have learned, but that does tend to be the way that art classes work.  I feel like I don't learn anything and then all of a sudden, a year later I am doing something that I could never have done without it and boom - lookie what I learned.
Honestly though, the cirriculum isn't thrilling, the assignments are kinda interesting....but what I really love is when my prof starts to geek out on typography.  It makes me so excited to hear other people getting excited about the things that they love - and when its art....even better.  Geek on my friends.
This assignment was called "The Visual Quotation" - we had to take a quote and illustrate it using only type.  This is what I came up with.

Love and Kisses,


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