April 30, 2011

New Projects

Boy it seems like every time that I post on here I have started working on something new.  Now, I wish that meant that I had finished everything before I started something else....but that isn't my style.  I am in the middle of a billion things right now, but that must be the way that I like it - because I do it all the time!
Today's work in progress belongs to a mural mosaic for Mount Royal University. 
You can find a link to the full centennial project here.
I signed up to "paint" two of the panels.  I am doing an image of the Kerby Memorial Building and a portrait of Jean Fraser (one of the previous board members.)  However, these panels were really awful and rough, so I was unable to do any sort of drawing on them.  I attempted, which you will see in one of them (ugh, its kind of embarassing how bad it is) but I switched myself over to some watercolour paper.  This meant that I had to recreate the colours and marks that were in the original acrylic panels to watercolour and wet media.  It was a challenge, and they are not perfect, but hey - it works.
This first panel is for the Kerby Memorial Building:
Before (don't judge the drawing, I know it sucks.)

After - Not a bad approximation, I had added the white gesso bits on the first panel, so they will come into this one again once I am ready to start drawing.

The second one was a bit challenging, as I had no black to work with (until I busted out some acrylic to help finish up the job.
Before - all those lovely slightly drippy bits almost killed me to copy.  I didn't nail them, but I think that will be okay in the long run.
After - So this one really doesn't look as nice as the original, but hey, I did my best.  I still have to put a portrait on top of this thing, so it will change a lot.

I will post more pictures as I continue working on the pieces, they are due really quickly so I will be making quick work of them (I hope!)  Did I mention that these things are also going to be published in a book....egads.  Makes me nervous!


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