April 17, 2011

Wedding invites-a-plenty!

I have a friend, and his name is Kyle.  One day Kyle met a lovely girl named Melissa.  Somewhere along the way, they decided that they would get married.  They are going to have the cutest wedding I could ever dream of, and the two of them couldn't be better matched.  Did I mention that I get the honor of doing their wedding invites? 
They were looking for something rustic and creative, I wanted to give them something quirky and fun (just like them!)  They showed me a few things to take as inspiration and gave me one word to work with.  Tree. 
They had really enjoyed my tree journal that I printed - and so I wanted to give them something similar.  Every time that I put my pencil to paper though, I could not help but to sing "Kyle and Melissa sitting in a tree...."  This became the inspiration for the whole package that I am going to put together for them.  Their invites will have the beautiful tree on them, and everything else will be linked through something else that I was able to pull together.
In this scan, the marker lines seem rather blobby, but once they are screen printed, they are going to look great.  I decided that I wanted to draw everything, even the circles by hand to give a really rustic handmade look.  I think that the two of them are going to really love it. 

Did I mention that my amazing sister is going to be handwriting the whole thing for them?  SO GOOD!



  1. Hope you liked the Jib Jab card I sent you.

  2. I love these drawings! The invites are going to be amazing!!!