May 23, 2011

Work work work

What is it about the creative sort and a total unwillingness to abide by holidays and rest times?  I have no idea...but I have used this long weekend to really get a move on a few things.  The most important being the invites that I have been working on for Kyle and Melissa.  I am always excited about these things, but it isn't until I finally see the ink on paper that I really know that its going to look awesome.

This is a quick photo of some of the trees drying in my studio.  I have like every surface in here covered with some part of this invitation process.
I also decided to make my own ink to print with (damn you speedball and your lack of copper inks!) So I mixed some lovely Iridescent Copper acrylic in with my silkscreen base and it is working wonderfully.  However, where my base said "severely retards drying time" what it really meant was that anything I am printing in copper is going to need to dry overnight.  Thus my table space is at a premium, but hey, the colour is great!
But right here is what really makes me happy.  I just got my first chance to see the two designs put together.  I have an image here of the RSVP cards with both layers printed.  I think they look amazing, and I hope that Kyle and Mel think the same.  I also have a few of the circle pieces that will be used to afix the envelopment closed....again, its looking great!
I think for the rest of tonight I am just going to keep working away.  While I have the energy I might as well tackle it!

Thats all for now!

Love and Kisses


  1. Jenn! Woah! This looks awesome. Congrats on all of the fun commissions you've been doing! Looking forward to seeing what you're up to next. :)

  2. Thanks Sarah!
    I dig what you are working on too. I am lucky to have so many creative friends!