May 6, 2012

I return!!

So, where have I been?  Lost in a sea of things to do.  Somehow, I am still smiling and things are still going well - but it has taken me forever to feel as though I had the time to update my poor little blog.  However, that is not to say that I am not doing a hell of a lot of really fun stuff.  Behind the jump, I have a bunch of images of things that I have worked on.  This is in no way all of it - but its a nice taste of what I have been doing for the past while.  


I began this little munchkin....he was a real stinker and took me a VERY long time to finish.  As in, I started him in Feb and I am only just happy with it now (finished pictures are coming later!)

This right here, is a book that I created for one of my classes in school.  We were asked to do some curriculum design, and my group focused on book making and the creation of a sketchbook as a tool to explore the years objectives.  I also pulled together some semblance of a portfolio - which you can visit Here that is highlighting some of my artwork as well as my work as a teacher.

 My moose went on a journey from Wine Ink, back home - where I then sent him onwards to Black Star Studios in Invermere, with the hope that he will sell there. 
 This little guy has been getting lots of attention, but still has nowhere to call home - let me know if you are interested!
 I also started to explore some techniques that I hadn't really used since graduating from art school.  These are monoprints, I really loved how they turned out.

 These are closeups of the work that I did on top of one of the monoprints, where I created a finished piece using solvent transfer on book pages, watercolour, graphite, and a nail to create a deboss around the flower petals.
 Somewhere in the midst of this chaos, I got a new puppy.  We got her from River Park while out for a walk....can you believe it?  She was 12 weeks old when we got her and she has been a little loveable hellion ever since.

Did I mention that my best friend is getting married?  These are some shots of the invites that I am pulling together for her.  Final pics coming soon - as I need to get them finished ASAP!

 Working at the Art Gallery has been happening along with all of my school work and other commitments.  This is an example of a collaborative Art Project design that is loosely based off of the work of an artist being shown there at the moment.  It is a cheater encaustic using a blow drier and wax crayons!
 I also designed a whole new program to take to the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo this year.  The dang thing was totally full and I had an amazing time with the kids I was working with!
 My mother-in-law has recently had a birthday, graduated from her Yoga Teacher Training program and its Mothers Day coming up as well.  As such, she gets a drawing.  Sorry about the picture that is facing the wrong way - but I am pretty excited about how this piece turned out.  Its got a really cool vibe to it.  There will be more of these to come I think.

  Slowly but surely Abigail and River have bonded and aside from some jealousy from time to time, they are thick as thieves, which is exactly what I was hoping for!  River is also growing like a weed.

 A final picture of the work that I did on this squirrel, I am super happy with how it turned out.  Now it just needs a title....
And as of today, I am offering drawing classes out of my home.  We had a great time today, and I am hoping to generate lots of interest - so if you are curious, let me know! 

Somewhere in here I also managed to finish my first year of my 2 year Education degree.  Teaching suits me, and I have had an amazing time.  Classes were challenging and I think it is only going to get worse from here on in, but I love it, and thats what matters.

Well. There you have it.  I guess I am somewhat caught up.  I am going to try for more regular updates from here on in, but as it goes....there are no promises!

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