September 7, 2010

Holy Smokes, I totally blew it

So it was July and I was feeling excellent about posting here so often.....whoops!  All of August seems to pass me by.  I was wondering why Kouki was giving me the stink-eye so regularly....I thought it was the sweet new puppy that we got that consumed absolutely all my time.  But now I know that it was my neglect of this blog.  See??
He is like this all the time now.  Hopefully he will relax a bit now that I am posting!

So, just because I haven't been posting here really at all, doesn't mean that I haven't been working my little buns off.  I have been taking care of little Abigail (who is now 13 weeks old!  My little pup is growing up so fast!)  I have also been visiting Black Star Studios and working there for a little bit as a visiting artist, hawking my wares at the local farmers market, designing a whole new line of cards, finishing my Buffalo Drawing (pics to come soon!) who has been affectionately nicknamed "Buffy" or "Beardsley"  Either works.

I am also participating in what I think is a really really cool idea put together by the Art House Coop in Brooklyn.  It is called The Sketchbook Project - and I decided to be a part of it this year!  Check it out here - Art House Coop, Sketchbook Project

I want to blog about each page in the sketchbook I am working on, to keep me motivated.  My track record with sketchbooks has never been the greatest - so this is a big undertaking for me.  Here comes the first one.  This is an illustration of a beautiful pine cone I picked up while hiking the Invermere Hoodoos.  There is a really cute story about it that my dear friend Emilie told me, however, that I will save for another post.  

Page One:
Loves and Kisses,

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  1. Yay! I look forward to your new posts! Lovely drawing, too.