September 27, 2010

Last post - Sept 7th? Oh no!

Well, I went and dropped the ball again, but I do have an excuse (don't I always?)
I have a brand new puppy who is turning herself into a lovely dog as we speak - and shes has been a handful.  On top of that, I am working 3 jobs (eek!) plus trying to find time to draw and design and update blogs and keep etsy going and egads!  All of a sudden, i don't know where the time has gone and it is September 27th.

But today, such a beautiful day.  Spent time with my main squeeze walking the loop with Abigail and enjoying the sunshine and the beautiful fall colours.  I am totally entranced by the sounds of leaves crunching underfoot and watching Abs stalk and pounce on brilliant yellow leaves.  In addition to that - fall means that the Calgary International Film Festival is here, and this year we are going to catch 7 films.  I hope to be able to include some reviews or general impressions on what I have seen - but as you can tell, I am not totally reliable.  So no promises folks!

Finally, here is the next page of my sketchbook....did I mention that little abby decided that the best chew toy in the world was a sketchbook I intend to send in to the Sketchbook Project?  No?  Look.

Oh well, I guess she will be a part of my art life for a long time, I better get used to her form of self expression :P

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