January 22, 2011

First Art of 2011

Well, I think it is totally appropriate that the first piece of art that I completed this year is a lovely little rabbit.  He is for the Year of the Rabbit show at Studio Todorovic in Art Central.  The show will be opening Feb 3rd (which is also First Thursday!) and I must say, I am rather proud of this little guy. 
He is a mixed media work on wood, I used lots of fun stuff!  Gesso, charcoal, conte, polymer gloss medium, chalk and pencil crayon!
Thanks to my lovely friend Sara - this piece is titled "hare"loom.  A lovely play on words that I thought was very cute and relates to my art practice very nicely.  It will be selling for $85 - so keep it in mind for....I don't know....Valentines Day??

Thats all for now, tonight I have the house to myself and a bottle of wine, so I think I am going to finish up my moose that has been staring at me unfinished for almost 2 months now.


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