March 17, 2011

New and Old

 Well, was it not a lovely day outside?  Boy it was gorgeous here. 
 I have been honoring my inner old-lady and going to paint pottery with my dear friend Sheila.  My first piece was a doggy dish for my delightful Abigail.  This is my second piece ever.  I am not super thrilled with all of it - but it definitely has the dreamy look I was going for.  I am particularly in love with the acorns!

What am I using it for now?  A sugar bowl of course.  Otherwise Kouki sticks his stinky litter-paws into all my sugar.  Not so nice.

This is the piece from another angle.  I think that I am really taken with unbalanced compositions on round pieces.  The thought of doing the same thing over and over throughout makes me cringe a bit inside.  I do want to keep working with washes, but its really my line work that needs some improving.  I also tried out the new satin glaze at Fire Escape and I really like how it turned out.  Has more of an earthy, old world feel.

Finally, I know that you have all seen this pretty little angels face before - but I was never quite happy with how light he was.  So I grabbed my graphite stick one day and just went to town.  I feel much better about it overall now.  It still has the feel of a white buffalo - without just being kinda washed out. 

Thats all she wrote
Love and Kisses, 

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