March 13, 2011

Okay, I know. It has been a long long while

But I swear that it is not all for naught!  I have been a busy little worker bee. 
What have I been doing you ask?  Well!

I designed a comic book program for my teaching, applied to get a BEd (holy moly!) and I have been silk screening wedding invites for a wonderful friend.

I learned a lot through this process, and I am really happy that I had such a wonderful girl to work for.  I can think of few people who deserve as much happiness in their lives as she does - and I hope that she loves the invites. 

Walking into doing a wedding was really scary for me. There is SO much pressure for everything to be perfect, and boy howdy - was my friend ever incredible.  I had a coworker once tell me that weddings make people inhuman.  I guess with all the "Bridezilla" talk, I was quite nervous.  But luckily for me, my first foray into wedding invitation work was remarkably smooth!

 Congratulations Shari!


  1. Jen, a BEd! That's great! I can see you being absolutely wonderful with kids. And these invites look really great. Congrats!

  2. The invitations look spectacular!
    Excellent job! You are an amazing artist!