May 19, 2011

Needing some art time.

Well Hello Friends, 

Where have I been?  I have been spending my time working away at getting caught up with all the things in my life that I have put on hold the last while.
I spent some time with Ryan, Aaron, Abby, Kouki and Sakura- which was incredibly good for my soul (and long overdue.)  I have also been teaching like a mad woman - which while it often exhausts me, also nourishes my creativity.  The chance to inspire young people is an incredible motivator.  So tonight I settled down in my studio to get a wee bit of art done.

I created a series of book prints last year that really haven't sold well.  I believe that they are just a little bit too simple for most people.  So instead of storing the things in my studio any more (or throwing them away) - I decided to repurpose one and just see how it went.
I have been working with book pages to make small, quick, mixed media works that are intuitive rather than technical.  I have no idea if other people will respond to them, but hey - its worth a shot!

This is the piece that I came up with tonight.  I am actually fairly pleased with it (though I do need to take a less yellow photo once its light outside again.)  The blue is actually a cobalt colour and the rust (as it looks on my screen) is a shiny lovely copper. 

In the piece I have used acrylic paints, gloss medium, cobalt blue "soft lumps" for drawing, gesso, and watercolour pencil - all on top of a limited edition silkscreen print on a book page.  To give it some stability, it is mounted on a piece of Fabriano paper. The whole thing is coated in 2 layers of gloss medium, but it may well get a few more coats before I am done!

Who knows if these little experiments will end up being interesting or not, but for now I am just having fun playing with my paints!

There will be more to come this weekend as I go into production for Kyle and Melissa's wedding invites and hopefully finish up two pieces that have been sitting in my studio for far too long.

I also had a few helpers in my creative space - they wanted to share my time too I think.  The photo of them above and now one below made me giggle when I saw it.  They slept in baskets together as young kittens - but as adult cats it looks rather hilarious!
Just a little smile to finish my day!

Love and Kisses,

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  1. You are my special buddy...interspersing art and kitties...nothin' better!