June 20, 2011

I think I have them finished!

Remember that series that I was going nuts with the chalk pastel on?  Well, I think that it is finally done.
This is the last piece.  For this set of works, I was really hoping to play with some ideas that I seem to be teaching to more and more.  The idea of visual storytelling has become a preoccupying thought in my little head.  I wanted to put these three things together to prompt the viewer to make sense of them.  You know they relate - but how?  They are not things that seem easy to read together - so what is the story?  That is for you to tell me.

 Oh!  Before I dash off yet again...guess what I did this weekend??
I was able to spend two full days at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo gettin my Batgirl on and seeing some really incredible artwork.  I was able to meet some talented artists and hopefully made a few friends in the process. 

Woot!  I  had such a great time all dressed up as Barbra Gordon.  I was there to teach a program on Comic Books that sadly had very low attendance.  But I made up for it walking around as Batgirl!  I am already thinking about what I might like to do next year....and I think I might have to bite the bullet and do my favorite heroine - Scarlet Witch.

Good idea?  I think maybe!

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