August 9, 2011

It's me again!

I finished some of the huge tasks that were on my plate for the week, so I thought I might pop by with a few new things to share. 

As you know, one of my jobs has be consulting and odd-jobbing at Mount Royal University in the Archives.  I mostly work with our art collection doing lots of administrative work.  But every now and again I have the opportunity to really work with something cool.  It is MRU's centennial year, and we are working on a number of things, not the least of which is a time capsule.  I was asked to design a project for Calgary History Week that spoke about our 100 years, some of the art we have collected, and give an overview of what we are hoping for the future.  What was the project you ask?  Matchboxes.

I asked each participant to take a matchbox that I had made, and use a multitude of supplies - glue, thread, twine, buttons, vintage book pages, vellum, copies of old MRC photographs, cardstock etc.  Each person was asked to create a memory box, containing a memory of Mount Royal, who they were or a thought they had for the past.  Below is the one that I created as an example: 

The project was a great success, I was really pleased with how well it was received - and so was the rest of the group I was working with.  I was asked to do the same thing again, this time for 70 students in the International Studies program.  So today, I worked with students learning english from Japan, Taiwan, Korea, China, and some Latin Americans as well.  They each made a wonderful box, and they will be placed in our time capsule for people to see. 

Just to give you a sense of scale - here is the actual size of the demo that I did:
It is amazing how creative people can be with such a small small space.  I am so pleased with the results so far, I hope that we continue to have an excellent response.  Art can happen - anywhere and any size.

I have also been plugging away at Kyle and Mels wedding stuff - today I report that I have finished the table markers.  They left me with two sizes of manilla tags, and I went to town.  I tea stained them and then dried them in the oven, got Kim to write out the numbers in pencil, went over them with a brush marker, and then highlighted them with copper ink.  They will be tied on to mason jars and such, so I hope that the rustic charm is what they were really looking for!  What do you think?
Phew, that was a long one! 
Love Always,

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