August 7, 2011

New look, and a new post!

My goodness, it has been practically a month since I wrote here.  What a month it has been.

Not only has Abigail Gingerale really kicked off our summer with a bang - I have art at Resolution Gallery in Kensington, I have been working on projects for Mount Royal and the AGC that have a lot to do with memory boxes (more on that another day) and I have been working on finishing up the last pieces that I need to complete for Kyle and Melissa and their wedding!

This is a Wedding Tree.  It is meant to be stamped by the thumb prints of all of the guests and signed - and then they can frame and keep it afterwards.  Guestbooks do tend to just be tucked away - so with this, they will have a wonderful reminder of a very special day hanging in their home.

I completed this piece on a really lovely artist board that took ink very well, sketched and inked the whole thing.  All told, it was probably 8 hours of work, but I think that it turned out incredibly well.  It is a whopping 18" x 24" so that they would have room for all their guests to leave their marks.  The nest is for Kyle and Melissa to stamp their own thumbs together.  On the bottom, I used my stamping chalk (who knew there was such a thing!) to highlight their names and ground the piece.  What do you think??

I think it looks pretty good, if I do say so myself!!

I promise to update more frequently.  I was doing very well for a while there!

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