July 7, 2011

New media!

Well!  After my vacation to Windermere I came home to find a very special delivery for me from my Auntie Ev.  Her and my mom were visiting in Vancouver and they decided to get some presents for my sister and I!  We were given some absolutely gorgeous beads that will be making their debut in earrings shortly, and I was given a set of gouache paints.  I have been wanting to try working with them so badly, so I was overjoyed that she thought of me and picked them up!

Last night in my 90000 degree studio, I decided I wanted to try them out.  I picked a bird that is regularly seen in Calgary and while my drawing is the pits (I will be redoing this one) I wanted to post about just how much I love these paints.  Don't judge the drawing, I know it doesn't work - but look at the pretty colours!
More of these to come, I think!
But for now, its back to work for me.  Thanks again Auntie Ev!!


  1. It looks great, colour's a new world for me!

    You've come to mind the last couple days, as I've been storyboarding a bug Batgirl sequence for Young Justice.

    Too bad you're going to have a table at Calgary Con next year, so no costume, right?

  2. Haha, I doubt very much that I will have a table there next year. My work doesn't really suit the expo. I do hope that I will be able to teach again though! Scarlet Witch is in the works for the con next year - we will see if I can make it happen.

    I hope that your Batgirl looks fierce. She certainly made me feel that way.