July 5, 2011

Some pretty new things!

Just a quick little update here, I wanted to share with you something that my dearest friend brought back for me from the UK.  She and I were best art-making friends for many a year, and she went away to Newcastle last year to follow her dreams and complete a masters in Conservation.  Yup, she is just that cool.  I got to see her this past week, as she was passing through Calgary between internships.  It was lovely to connect again (besides just skype or email which really is not the same) and spend a few days with her.  She brought me a belated birthday gift that truly rocked my world.  She knows that I have a love of old beautiful and slightly whimsical things...I think she hit the nail bang on the head.
She found these old postal stamps for me, mounted to blocks of wood.  They are made of metal and totally gorgeous.  She told me that they were used in the UK before the advent of paper postage stamps.  So these guys might have stamped thousands of letters before they came to live with me.  Amazing.

My brain is spinning already with thoughts of what I can use them in!  Thank you Emilie!  You are the best.

In addition to my awesome new collection of stamps, I was able to get a journal on to my etsy site!  Visit Turn of Phrase - You & Me to find it up for grabs! 

Thats all for now!

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