July 8, 2012

Hello July!!

It always amazes me how quickly time passes - I can't believe that it is July already!  

I have been really struggling with my art the last while, having a tough time really getting going on anything.  I think that I was just far too distracted with everything else that needed to be done around the house and in my other (non-art) life, and I just could not seem to make any headway.  However, I am feeling as though I have pushed through and made it back to a place where I can create again.  I am actually quite pleased with my newest completed work, and I have gotten some really positive feedback on it which is always nice.  

In other news, the deer and doily piece has sold, and my other ungulate and fox are hanging at Black Star Studios waiting for someone to fall madly in love and bring them home. I am also participating in a Summer Group Show and Sale at Resolution Gallery here in Calgary.  You can click here for a copy of the digital catalogue!  I have four pieces for sale and I cant wait for the opening this coming Friday!  Here is a copy of the evite!  I hope to see you there.
The works that I have submitted include my Parliament piece that I have blogged about previously, in addition to my little chipmunk and two beautiful moths in vintage frames.  

As for my new work, I completed a lovely owl hawk in no time flat while I was up at the cabin in Windermere for two days.  It is amazing what that place can do for me and my ability to relax and dig back into my artwork.  It is also nice that I don't have to watch the dogs constantly while I am up there, because they can kinda just dash around outside and have a blast without needing me to entertain them.  

A name and some better photos will hopefully be coming soon, but time will tell on that one!  I have also started on two new creatures....you may have seen them around - 


  More on this one as I have the time to work on it!  

Well, that is all for the moment, feedback is welcome - as always!
Much love

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