July 12, 2015

Hey you, you out there.... I'm Baaaaaaaaaaack

It has been forever....literally forever.  FOREVER!
Sorry world, that is rather disappointing.  I have been creating up a storm over these past weeks, months, years and I wanted to start sharing it with you again.

Some new pieces currently up for sale!

"coming down" 2015
Mixed Media on Recycled Board

"doe eyed" 2015
Mixed Media on Board

"revolutionary stance" 2015
Mixed media on board

Thinking about switching this blog up a bit....having it include stuff about my life as a teacher, learner, artist - we shall see!

Please contact me for info on any of the pieces shown here OR if you might like to commission something!

As always, the images belong to me so please don't take them blah blah blah.  But seriously though, I mean it.

1 comment:

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